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How Quecan Increased revenue with faster onboarding times


Samad Bhimani 

Chief Operating Officer

Quecan Distribution


Based in Montreal, Quecan Distribution is a distributor with an annual revenue of $30 million. Established in 1983, they've been serving a plethora of independent stores. In recent years, they've embarked on an extensive digital overhaul, aiming to refine their customer onboarding and streamline internal operations.

Problems they were facing

Before transacting with Quecan, customers first had to be set up in the ERP system. This was only possible after they submitted a PDF credit application form detailing their business. Additionally, the AR team had to verify vendor and banking references and obtain a Credit Report. Altogether, these procedures typically extended beyond 7 business days.

How NetNow helped

  • Easily accessible digital credit application form

  • Reduced onboarding time to an average of 2 days

  • Direct integration to the ERP system

  • Digital bank references with detail cashflow analysis

  • Automated trade references

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