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Automate your

Streamline your credit application process and get your buyers approved and on-boarded seamlessly with our unified trade credit platform

Say goodbye to PDF trade credit applications

On-board and accept new customers in record time

Reduce DSO while maximizing your sales on credit terms

How much time does your business spend processing PDF trade credit forms?

Reduce customer churn and approve customers faster with NetNow

We integrate into your existing systems

and more...


What we do

Our platform helps Credit Teams operate more efficiently 

All the information you need in one dashboard

Do you have bookmarks to get bank, credit, or business checks depending on the jurisdiction? With NetNow, you see all of the information in one place.

Access to real-time credit data

We know that customer relationships are the core of your business. NetNow gives you real-time data to see how your customer's credit history changes and allows for collaborative workflow for approvals

With NetNow you can...

Save up to 8 hours per week

Credit Teams reduce time to process credit applications by 50%

Increase revenue

No more customer churning because of late processing times. NetNow can increase customer conversion by up to 60%

Integrate easily

Our APIs and platform integrations make onboarding quick and simple with your ERP and CRM systems

Supported by the best

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Interested in digitizing your credit application process? Let's chat

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