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🌟 NetNow Monthly Newsletter - June 2023 🌟

June was an incredible month filled with wins, challenges, and the unwavering support of our amazing community. Let's dive into the highlights!


  • Won Both Major Awards at the Intuit Start-up Demo Day: We're thrilled to announce that NetNow emerged as the winner in the prestigious Intuit Fintech Prosperity Program, with the CTO of Intuit in attendance. This recognition confirms our steadfast dedication to prioritizing our customers and gaining a profound understanding of the shortcomings in the current trade credit procedures. NetNow was able to secure both awards up for grabs, along with a significant cash grant.

  • Partnered with Eqpme: Successfully launched a strategic partnership with Eqpme (a fast-growing heavy equipment provider) to support their trade credit capabilities.

  • Collision Conference: We attended Collision, one of the largest tech conferences, where we had our own booth and had the opportunity to meet and connect with numerous influential investors.

🙏Help Needed🙏

  • Investment and Introductions: We are in full fundraising mode for our pre-seed round. If you are interested in investing in us or can make an introduction, feel free to reach out, we still have a bit of room in the round for strategic angels or VCs.

🙌Thanking Supporters for Help🙌

  • Tal Schwartz, Jen Martin, Reza Jafer, Drake Rehfeld, Naman Budhdeo, Oban MacTavish

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